Leadership and Business Negotiations

3 Days 

Every one of us is leading his/her life and going through negotiations that take part in every day actions without even thinking about it. This course gives you the theory, the knowledge, skills and competencies of planning and communication to be more successful negotiator.

The Program is structured around a series of case studies and individual and group negotiation simulations designed to allow participants to develop their skills in a safe and enjoyable environment, and also to have some fun along the way. Each simulation is thoroughly debriefed, so each participant receives detailed feedback about their own performance and what they can work on to improve their own negotiation skills.

This course covers:

Negotiation strategies

Constructive and destructive techniques

The ability to recognize and respond to different styles of negotiation 

Learn main Characteristics of Negotiations 

Skills and Competencies of negotiations.

A personal development plan to capture your learning, feedback and skills gained throughout the course. 

At the end of this course participants will become more influential, persuasive and strong negotiator. The skills taught in this program are applicable to individuals at any level in the organization.

For organizations, our team is ready to support. We provide clarity and stability to help you through your difficult negotiations. We can assist you to set up a plan and analyze your positions. We prepare your team to implement negotiation strategies within your organization. Our team will save time and provide the negotiation skills you are looking for. 

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