Change Management in Time of crises

1 Day / 4 hours 

  1. We live in a world of rapid and continuous change. In order to be successful in ‎your projects you need to improve your ability to respond to and manage ‎change. ‎

    This course will help you how to manage your mindset, behaviors, and ‎workplace during changing times, it will help you to clearly define the change is ‎happening in your project and align it to business goals.‎

    This course covers: ‎

    Structured Problem Solving with practical example ‎

    • Effective Communication during the change phases
    • Negotiation Skills  ‎
    • Change Model steps
    • Vision and Strategy
    • Set up new plans ‎

    At the end of the course, you will gain different perspectives and new strategies ‎to increase its chances to deal with change.‎

    If your project (profit or nonprofit) is going through a time of change? Einklang ‎UG can also assist you in managing the change process to meet your goals and ‎minimize the negative impacts. We help you to find the alternative solutions to ‎your projects.‎

    Einklang is a Coaching and consulting firm based in Berlin. Einklang offers ‎practical training workshops on developing and managing projects: Our team ‎has a very intensive and extensive experience in several countries around the ‎world supporting organizations, projects, and entrepreneurship.  Together ‎with our partners we have been working on several projects in the Middle East, ‎Europe and Asia. Our training courses are designed based on this first-hand ‎experience we gained from our own international projects.‎