Fundraising and Proposals Writing - One Day

1 Day / 3 hours 

The training is designed to improve a better understanding of the needs of your projects; develop a practical project idea; and write a comprehensive and a powerful project proposal. The course will help you to use the most precise statements while writing your proposal. It will also equip participants to get to know more about new potential ways to get fund for their projects.

This course covers:

Setting fundraising goals developing a fundraising plan.

Description of project structure and activities.

A practical example on effective and powerful proposals. 

For organizations/ projects; our expertise can support you in all fundraising process including searching, design projects, set up a fundraising goals and plan, write comprehensive proposals including budgeting, and applying for potential fund. Our team is very qualified and experienced to go. Furthermore, Einklang’s expertise can help you to equip your team with the necessary training that are required to successfully implement the project. 

Einklang is a Coaching and Consulting Firm based in Berlin. Einklang offers practical training workshops on developing and managing projects: Our team has a very intensive and extensive experience in several countries around the world supporting organizations, projects, and entrepreneurship.  Together with our partners  we have been working on several projects in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Our training courses are designed based on this first-hand experience we gained from our own international projects.