Business Negotiations 

Everyone of us is leading his/her life. Leadership and negotiations take part in every day actions without even thinking about it. This programme gives you the theory, the knowledge and confidence to be more successful leader and negotiator.

About the program

The LNM is a four weeks program designed for young professionals who have an interest in developing their skills and capabilities at leadership and negotiation and searching to become more influential, persuasive and impactful. The skills taught in this program are applicable to individuals at any level of an organization.  

The program focuses on: Leadership skills and Negotiations methods; The power and the influence of negotiations; Discover the effects of cross-cultural differences and power in a negotiation scenarios, and learn how to use non-verbal communication, principles of persuasion and influence tactics to affect the outcome of a negotiation; essential concepts of leadership and negotiation; main strategies of leadership and negotiations

The Program takes a refreshing and innovative approach to four key phases common to any negotiations: opening, exploring, bargaining and settling.
The program emphasizes the importance of planning, tactics and strategy, and equips participants to tailor their own negotiation style to become stronger negotiators and get better results in every negotiation.

The Program is structured around a series of case studies and individual and group negotiation simulations designed to allow participants to develop their skills in a safe and enjoyable environment, and also to have some fun along the way. Each simulation is thoroughly debriefed, so each participant receives detailed feedback about their own performance and what they can work on to improve their own negotiation skills.


Does this programme fit you?

You would like to gain strong practical leadership and negotiation skills;

 You want the ability to be an influential and successful leader who recognizes and respond to different negotiation styles, strategies and techniques;

You’re looking to discover and enhance your personal leadership and negotiation styles with a feedback from experts;

The program is seeking only candidates who are highly interested and eligible to attend the program.

General Info:

Place: Berlin, Germany

Time:  March 2021

Deadline: 18.07.2020


Program aims to support you in:

- Enhance your leadership skills

- Build effective networking

- Improve your communications and negotiation skills

- Create better leaders to lead organizations or projects.

- Create sustainable value of your work.


 Program Covers:

Soft skills

-          Leadership skills vs. Management skills;

-          Negotiations Technics;

-          Leadership and Negotiations Styles.                

-         Entrepreneurship critical thinking 


-          Leadership traits, theory and models

-          Business negotiations as an entrepreneur 

-          Creative leadership sessions

-          Inspiring experiences


A practical assignment takes a place to learn from actual negotiations and to ensure all participants are getting the best practical experience from a personal feedback and learning perspective.

Evening Events

-          Field visits, attending related workshops or conferences.

-          Visit universities and other institutes in Berlin.


The following costs include program fees; accommodation (shared room); local transportation in Berlin; airport pickup.

EU citizens: 1800 Euro. 

NON EU citizens 1800 Euro

Are you eligible?

 - Your English skills are very good in both speaking and writing.

 - You are young professional, manager, organization founder, social activist

- You are seeking to improve your new micro business or set up a new project.

- Ready to explore new experiences.

- Your age is between 27 to 45 years

- M/F applications are equally treated

- We are recruiting people from any countries and regions.


If you find yourself eligible please fill the following application

All eligible candidates will be contacted and invited to setting up a video call. Selected candidates will be contacted, they will be provided with the schedule of the full program and stay in Berlin, our staff will support them to start all necessary arrangements.