Services and Consultancies

Creative advises are not necessarily complex, large or expensive, sometimes it is simpler than one can imagine. All that it takes is an expert to look at the situation of the organization from another angle and inevitably lead to the improvement of the facility.

We believe that every consultation is an investment that aims to increase the enterprise's competitiveness, productivity, and  improve the quality of services and products regardless of the type of the business. Therefore, together with our partners and through our consultancy services, Einklang Beratung und Coaching emphasizes on bringing success and sustainability to our clients through several services.



We give discussions, counseling, assistance, workshops and training as they enhance to upgrade the level of the clients' trust in their work. We have a major job in supporting strategic and managerial arranging, venture planning and assessment of various enterprises, regardless of whether they are profit or non-profit

Our experts utilize various tools and methods to investigate the present condition of organizations, companies, and projects  to figure out where they are currently and how to guarantee a superior future for them.


Management and Strategic Support

Einklang's experts examine the ability of industries to progress using main areas of excellence referred to by international standards.

In addition to the international tools, our experts have developed various methods and tools to help organizations and companies according to their work environment, business type, and mission to support managers and leaders to strive to "excellence" performance depending on a clear vision and strategy. 


Graphic Design

Logo design, Book/magazine/portfolio design, Video design, Social media campaigns’ posts, Landing page design, Photo edit; 2D Character design/motion, 2D Illustrations. 



Autocad drawings, Architectural design, Revit 3D, Sketchup 3D, Render, Lumion video render, Lumion still photos render, V ray rendering, Interior design, Landscape design, Urban design, MEP design, Construction Project management, Smart houses design, and implementation. 


Middle East

-          Entrepreneurship Projects/ public institutions/ international foundations

We create connections between international foundations or companies and Middle East organizations, where we help local organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and public institutes to getting their missions done. We support them during all procedures and at all levels; starting from planning, proposals writing, economic feasibility, administrative and timeline plans, monitoring and evaluation. All that to deliver more effectiveness and efficiency while implementing projects in these regions.

On the other hand, we offer and lead intensive training for employers and organization leaders at all administrative levels in internationally funded projects that are being implemented in the Middle East to ensure that the expected impact, success, output, and sustainability are achieved.