Media Exchange Program

"It has probably been the most intense time of my life. It has been fun, challenging, and impactful on a professional and personal level so that I still treasure the lessons learnt during this program" Miriam Jaehn, Participant from Germany. 

This program designed for young people who are looking to develop their career in media field, journalism, editing, public relations and related fields.

The Media Exchange Program is a four weeks program designed as a practical media training to enhance the skills of young people who are interested in the field of media, journalism and public relations.  The program is seeking candidates who are highly keen to go through learning experience in a multicultural environment.  The program brings people from several countries to learn and work together on producing media contents or virtual projects.  


General Information:

Place: Berlin, Germany.

Period: 4 weeks.

Date: March, 2021.

Deadline: 15 July 2020.



Program aims to:

         Equip participant with skills and knowledge that make them media entrepreneurs thinkers.

         Enhance communication, presentations and public speaking skills.  

         Improve critical thinking and researching methods.  

·        Analyze the relationship between media, politics, and society.

·        Analyzes media behaviors across cultures.


Program Covers: 

Soft skills & Coaching:

Essential knowledge for working in media.

Young people challenges in media across cultures.

Media administration skills.

Storytelling skills and social media.

Entrepreneurship skills, planning and management.



Provide participants with an opportunity to experience the process of producing a media project in a multicultural environment in Berlin.

Participants will be divided into small groups. Each group has to come up with initiative to be implemented, presented and published when possible.

Analyzing of case studies and videos.


To Explore:

One day tour in Berlin museums.