Intensive entrepreneurship and business transformation seminar September 2022

In-person seminar in Cologne- Germany

The business culture is changing daily. We are offering high skilled professionals to lead you through this changing culture; to unravel and throw insight at all implications of navigating in the fourth industrial revolution.

Successful entrepreneurs from a variety of fields- financial sector, retail, design and digital business- will be sharing their experiences on how to create, develop and save businesses and projects in times of change. This program will open the opportunity for participants to meet aspiring entrepreneurs from countries around the world, to share experiences and unleash effective cooperation.

Is this program for you?

This program is for individuals who are decision makers in their organisations, managers, founders, business owners, project managers, as well as researchers and NGOs staff. It is for everyone who is keen to understand the implications of the fourth industrial revolution and the impact of the economic transformation on projects and SMEs.

The program is designed to cover two interrelated levels:

The internal factors and the role of the managers. Successful entrepreneurs, academics and investors will lead workshops on the project's internal activities and how to respond to the rapid change. Small groups work and practical assignments will take place to enhance the understanding.

The external factors and the role of the leaders. Experts in economics and business will share their critical views on the forces that drive transformation and the impact of the global transformation on entrepreneurs. Discussion panels will take place where speakers will address the prospects for implementing the global sustainable development goals during the transformation of the economic and financial system.

The guiding question through the whole program is:  How should entrepreneurs respond to the current global transformation ?

Are you qualified ?

* The program is designed for individuals and groups aged + 25 years.
* Your English skills must be at least intermediate level.
* You are able to interact within multicultural environment.
* You can travel to Germany for 10 days.
* The program can accommodate participants from all sectors this includes the NGO field.
* The program is ideal for those who are keen to understand the global transformation impact on their careers.
* We are accepting participants from all over the world, to enable cultural exchange.

Who will coach this program ?

A group of highly qualified people will be leading this program’s sessions. They are business experts, entrepreneurs, academics and successful innovators who will provide a remarkable inspiration for your journey.

Program fees:

The program fees are 1700 $. This covers:

Training materials
Graduation event and certificate
Field visit
The fees do not include accommodation. Hotel suggestions will follow.

Schengen Visa:

Some participants might need a visa to enter Germany. A successful visa application will require full payment of the fees. Our team is able to provide you with the most up-to-date details and the best advice to go through your visa application.

After you have registered and have paid the course fee in full, we will send you an official confirmation. You will then need to forward the confirmation and other supporting documents, in their original form, to the relevant authority in your country to facilitate your visa process. It is important to double check with the German Embassy in your country that you have the right documents and that you qualify for the visa.

Who are we ?

We are - Einklang - a team of design thinkers, data analysts and business strategists. We are knowledge-based analysts and business builders focused on designing innovative business plans. We have extensive experience on a global scale. We partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups and non-profit organisations. Drawing on our vast experience, we can offer professional training and end-to-end intervention programs. Our programs run with particular emphases on SMEs.

Responding to the macro implications of the digital impact, we offer professional training and seminars on transformation management. Our team has extensive and unique experience gained from supporting organisations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs around the world.

We have been working on several projects in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Our intervention services are based on this first-hand experience we gained from implementing our own international projects.

Navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Unravel and throw insight at the change culture

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