Stress Management for Personal and Career Development

Overview- (2h*2 times a week / 5 weeks)

“Don’t you see it? Everyone is collecting data about you, except you!” Warda Samara,
Your career is part of your life, it is not the whole thing. To reach the peak of your professional life you need to develop the core of it, which is yourself! Once you start working on the personal level, the professional level will correspond spontaneously with less effort, and you will laugh at the former challenges how less complicated it becomes! It is all about your realisation of the data and stress.
Your brain is a clever machine, it can sensor your behaviours and actions and asks "Is this what you need in your life?" Is it like tricking or cheating yourself? Your smart mind always knows but you however keep ignoring it. This stresses your daily activities without even realising it.
You can be the one you want to be only through receiving the right sensations to realise who you are; understand and analyse the data about yourself by realising the basic reality of the human being emotions and thoughts. It can be a complicated or even impossible task. It also can be simple, only when you follow the right track.
This program is designed to accompany you to understand the connection with yourself; the connection with what is going on around you; to be conscious about your emotions and thoughts; to get a unique understanding of the connection between your achievements and behaviours based on neuroscience, leadership psychology and professional experience. It helps you to develop higher levels of concentration and handle stressful situations.

Why this program?

This program aims to pass on skills, knowledge and competencies based on experience and neuroscience through several exercises.
All exercises are designed to:
* Make you alert about the psychology of the connection of success, money and Love.
* Awaken self-connection, realising human being connected with personal and professional tasks.
* Energise Self-motivation and decision making.
* Enhance the understanding of your thoughts and mind.
* Enhance the urge to change life style and practice releasing stress.


* Introduction to the program and why understanding emotions and thoughts matters.
* Identifying our available resources and think about them differently.
* Unleash the imagination to build better connection with the inner world and the outside world.
* Managing emotions and thoughts to improve daily activities and strategic planning.
* Learn the power of positive thinking, meditation and self learning in releasing stress.
* Learn to be flexible and shift the way that you perceive things and actions.


You will come out of this program having a single paper that shows all the factors behind your success line in the future.
Like a life map, what happened, what is happening and what will happen.
You will come out of this program having a plan that shows all the factors behind your success line in the future.
Enhancing your ability to cope with the pressures in your everyday life.
You will have the power to see your inner world and outside world differently; to be more connected to yourself and everything else around you.
You will realise the assets that you have which you never explored before.

Is this program for you ?

This program stimulates your mind, by reconsidering all personal and professional tasks in a different light. It allows the mind to confidently plan for the next level of success that you will bring to your life.
This program is designed for both individuals and groups aged between 20 to 48 yeas for any goals they have in their life.
This program can accommodate people working on different levels like managers, employees, entrepreneurs, housewives, etc...
The program is especially ideal for those dealing with too many tasks and wanting to create transformation in their life.

Program description:

This program is designed to stimulate your inner level in three stages:

Stage one:

Analysis of the current situation; stimulate the mind attention to what is happening around you, whether at work or home. We involve the program’s candidates in several practical exercises to give them the chance to learn by doing. What is happening and why?

Stage two:

Provoke the desired situation as a human being and as a producer of work through viewing the world from another ankle which allows you to master your brain by realising its power and function. Understand the power of attention and stress in directing your life.

Stage three:

Enhance the imagination to release stress and unlock your future plan. Visit the past, feel the now and understand how to allow things to happen in the future without felling the pressure of stress.

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