Leadership and Team Building Workshop - OUTDOOR Event

Every one of us is leading his/her life and going through negotiations with others that take part in every day actions without even thinking about it. This workshop gives you the theory, the knowledge, skills and competencies of leadership and team building to be more successful leader and a team player.

The workshop is structured around a series of case studies and practical exercises designed to allow participants to develop their skills in an enjoyable environment, and also to have some fun along the way. Each simulation is thoroughly debriefed, so each participant receives detailed feedback about their own performance and what they can work on to improve their own leadership and team working skills.

Our events are developed to enhance the interactions elicited by events helps people build relationships and networks, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures while gaining new knowledge.

Leadership games or practical exercises are very effective at introducing leadership concepts therefor, this workshop is highly interactive and includes lots of activities and exercises to stimulate discussion and develop learning opportunities.


General Info:

Date: Wednesday 22.07.2020

Time: 17:00- 21:00

Place: Friedrichhain, Proskauer Str. 10243 Berlin.

Exact address will be provided after registration.

Price: 50  includes dinner. 

Language of Instruction: English


What will you gain after this workshop?

At the end of this workshop participants will become more confident, influential, and persuasive to lead. They will have a chance to lead and learn through practical exercises together with other people. It will be an opportunity for participants to learn from how our team manages an outdoor workshop, and how our team cooperates to adopt new ideas that are in line with the surrounding changes.


About Einklang Beratung und Coaching:

Nothing is more important than connections and the feeling of belonging to groups sharing same purpose. Starting from this believe, Einklang UG implements several kinds of events during the year to bring creative people all together. Our events range from social activities to conferences. Einklang is a Coaching and consulting firm based in Berlin. We deliver training solutions and workshops for individuals and organizations in a wide range of areas. Our team is highly skilled and has a very intensive practical experience in several countries around the world supporting organizations, projects, and entrepreneurship. They are driven to transfer knowledge to people.  Together with our partners we have been working on several projects in Europe, Asia and The Middle East. Our training courses are designed based on this first-hand experience we gained from our own international projects.


For Companies Teams or Groups

For organizations or groups, our team is ready to offer practical training to your employees to enhance their leadership skills and build more connected team. We provide practical leadership and team building activities, in line with the organization's goals and strategy. We are also flexible with setting up appointments for your organization that suit our team. Also, leadership and team building training extends from one to four days workshop. This depends on the organization's needs, expectations and desired results.


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, your safety is important to us. We want to ensure that the applicable social distancing and hygiene rules in Berlin are followed. Therefore we will offer masks and hygiene soap.
All participants will be divided into smaller groups in order to minimize contact.