Who are we ...

We are a dynamic team of young professionals coming from different industries backgrounds, our multi-cultural environment work, has endorsed the ability to be progressively innovative while work in complex situations and make progress to the customers  either individuals or organizations.

Einklang Beratung und Coaching UG is located in the heart of the most diverse city in the world Berlin, Germany. Einklang is specialized in providing support and advises to organizations and brings more certainty to achieve their mission, vision, and assure sustainability in a changing world!

We believe that every consultation is an investment that aims to enhance social and economic development worldwide through increasing enterprise's competitiveness, productivity, and increase and improve the quality of services and products regardless of the type of business. Therefore, together with our partners and through our consultancy services, Einklang Beratung und Coaching emphasizes on bringing success and sustainability to our clients through several services.

We highly support social and economic entrepreneurs specially the ones lead or managed by women. We are a strategic partner with Rural Women Organization in the Middle East where we provide women with the necessary support while they create and run their own enterprises. Such success leaded us to start supervising same programs in Europe and Asia.

We believe that the major source of development and excellence is humans, youth, women and young professionals knowledge can create a very big prosperity when getting the right help and knowing the most successful direction.