Professional English and Digital Business Diploma


Dual Program: Management and English Diploma - Online Course

Stars on:  15.10.2024

Fees: (full program): 2000 euro

Duration: 10 months



This program is designed to enable students to deepen their understanding of the English language, while learning management competencies, and gaining skills in leadership, AI, transformational management, digital marketing and decision-making. It is a practical, comprehensive learning experience, designed for people within the frame of the new economic era. Not only do we teach you, but we also allow you to practise all the way along through continual active participation!

English is not only a language to learn; it is rich with history, literature, culture, science and business. Therefore, this program is designed to allow you to compete in the international market with a full understanding of global digitalisation.

 Program Modules

Module 1: Communicative and English Business

Module 2: Introduction to Digital Business

Module 3: Design Digital Vision 

Module 4: Digital Innovation

Module 5: Digital Business Solutions

Module 6: Kick off your digital project 


Program Semesters:


First Semester:

       English Professional Skills

       Communicative English

       The Power of Language

       English Business


Second Semester:

       Business Characteristics 2030

       Digital Transformation

       Project Management

       Digital Market


Third Semester:

       Group activity

       Problems and solutions, design thinking

       Decision making

       Final assignment


Research and design thinking:

       Enhance critical thinking and Creativity

       Enhance communication skills and networking

       Develop a professional personality

       Interact effectively within an International environment

       Presentation skills in English Language




Why learn with us:


We don’t only teach you techniques, we equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand, analyse and be competent!


International environment: Our students have a chance to exchange knowledge and experience with people from all over the world with different backgrounds.

Learning experience: Brainstorming, researching, field visits and discussing case studies are the tools to give students a practical feeling of what they learn.

Highly qualified staff: Business leaders together with our academic staff are leading this program that opens the door to the participants to brand and market themselves.

Building a professional personality: We inspire our students to lead their initiatives and enhance their careers with a full understanding of the digital world.

Competency: This program equips students with knowledge, skills, and methods that allow them to understand and compete on the international level.


What are the advantages of distance learning ?


          Flexibility: This program can be fully studied online so you can enjoy learning from wherever you are.

          Learn at your own pace: you'll have the flexibility to fit your schedule

          Value for money: You don’t need to spend money on travelling expenses. You only invest in the knowledge of the course itself!

          International Experience: You can gain advanced skills from international experts as well as exchange experience with other participants.


 Why study in Europe ?

Europe is the second largest & popular region for Tourism, Hospitality, Language, Culture & Education centres in the world. It is unique due to diversity & its shared economic value by the EU, to increase the growth & popularity of trade, it has created a strong focus on education taught in the common language English. International students have an opportunity of learning experience in a multicultural environment. Europe is famous for the latest technology, innovation and startups. Our team supports students to connect with startups and technology hubs in the region which strengthens the career profile of students.



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