Who are we ..

As a coaching and consulting firm born in the heart of Berlin the city of creativity,  transformation and innovation, we partner with Organizations who want to progress and reach the top. 

Our multi-cultural environment and set of values have endorsed the ability to be progressively innovative while work in complex situations and create success not only for the partner but to all actors. 

We are specialized in the organizational development the maximizes the competitiveness of our partners and client.

Our unconventional developed tools help each client think differently to assure successful implementation and result.


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    Our Team Director is Ms. Samara , she is an inventive,  creative,  a conceptual and strategic thinker.

    To form and then direct complex community work, in such a challenging environment as the tenacity of putting her ideas into practice…hence the outcomes. Never cease to amaze everyone works with her.

    She is a cheerful conversation partner when possible, and a strict negotiator when necessary.


Creative advises are not necessarily complex, large or expensive, sometimes it is simpler than one can imagine. All that it takes is an expert to look at the situation of the organization from another angle and inevitably lead to the improvement of the facility.

We believe that every consultation is an investment that aims to increase the enterprise's competitiveness, productivity, and improve the quality of services and products regardless of the type of the business. We offer coaching, training and consultancies that enhance the organization’s capacity and raise the project’s competitiveness in the market.

To help you to get to the TOP our experts have developed The Evolution Map Tool... an effective tool for the development of your organization/ project. 

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The Three Lines Model

Some organizational tasks are complex and managers may fail in all attempts to save their projects. True!

But if you use our Three Lines Model and properly implement its simple and effective tactics, you will improve your chances of taking your project to the top.

The Three Lines Model is designed as an advanced tool to boost project's prosperity and competitive execution. The model can be used to achieve success for different types of businesses at all levels, tasks and sizes through innovative and creative solutions.

We have developed The Three Lines Model that works through precis coordination center, sensitive interaction channels and three parallel lines that all need to be taken into account.

To boost your competitiveness and avoid costly mistakes, we are here!

Women Entrepreneurs Program

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Business Negotiation

The program emphasizes the importance
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